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1592 Federico Zuccari (about 1542/1609) to house his art academy, the ACCADEMIA DI S. LUCA (Academy of St. Luke), established in 1577 but officially founded in 1593, of which he was also the first Director or Prince

After the death of Federico Zuccari the building was raised with two extra floors in the years 1610/18 by Girolamo Rainaldi (1570/1655) for the new owner MarcantonioToscanella

In 1702 it was leased to the queen of Poland Maria Casimira who continued the works of transformation

1904/07 rearrangement of the building by Mario Cannizzaro to house the library

1711 maybe by Filippo Juvarra (1678/1736)

In the EXTERNAL FRIEZE there are the symbols of the Zuccari family: sugarloaf and comets

It is commonly described as the HOUSE OF MONSTERS for the bizarre decorations around doors and windows

“Hercules at the Crossroads” by Federico Zuccari and his older brother Taddeo Zuccari (1529/66)

“Effigies of Federico Zuccari and his family” by Federico Zuccari and Taddeo Zuccari
 Frescoes by Giulio Pippi aka Giulio Romano (1499/1546) from Villa Lante on the Janiculum Hill

Among the personalities who lived in the palace Johann Joachim Winckelmann (1717/78), Pietro Bracci (1700/73) and Louis David (1748/1825) who painted here the famous “Oath of the Horatii” now in the Louvre

With the adjacent Palazzo Stroganoff it houses the rich BIBLIOTECA HERTZIANA (Hertz Library) founded by Henriette Hertz in 1900 specializing in history of medieval and modern Italian art with over 170,000 volumes
The salon of Henriette Hertz was attended by the poet Gabriele D'Annunzio who immortalized it in his novel “The Pleasure” in 1905
In the Hertziana Library there was until 1887 a cycle of frescoes “Stories of Joseph” painted by the Nazarenes and now in Berlin

Under the building there is a large wall with semicircular niches, certainly a NYMPHAEUM, a large fountain, belonging to the Horti Luculliani

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