Friday, January 19, 2018


1950 Marcello Piacentini (1881/1960) with Attilio Spaccarelli (1890/1975) while working on the completion of Via della Conciliazione
“In 1943 he was arrested because he hadn't joined the Social Republic the reformed Fascist Party, but, thanks to the intervention of Cardinal G.B. Montini he was released. (...) In 1945, invited to settle in Latin America to draw up plans and zoning of large cities, he chose to remain in Rome, where he reopened his studio of Tor di Nona with Giorgio Calza Bini and the design office on Via della Conciliazione with Attilio Spaccarelli. In 1949 he was a member of the Supreme Council of Antiquities and Fine Arts of the Ministry of Public Education. In 1950, with Virgilio Testa, he took part in initiatives to boost the EUR. When preparing the infrastructures for the Olympics in Rome, he died, almost on the eve of the historic event, on May 18, 1960. Revealing himself stylistically as a very early mediator and blender of different styles and remaining, in his essential development, linked to an eclectic and monumental style, despite the update of his works in the years 1915/20 on the stylistic themes of the Viennese Secession, he was frantically busy throughout Italy” (Alberto Perconte Licata - www.

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