Saturday, January 25, 2020


Via Nazionale 183 a

1901 as outdoor arena with the name of Apollo
Rebuilt 1906/10 masonry

“They were very advanced technical solutions adopted and the coverage of the room is probably the first built in Rome with reinforced concrete structures” (Piero Ostilio Rossi)

Interior completely renovated with rationalism in the years 1936/38 by Luigi Piccinato (1899/1984)
The stage was installed a rotating sector of 11 m (36 feet) in diameter, the first of its kind in Italy

Modernization in 1982 by Giancarlo Capolei with reduction to 956 seats
Between the Teatro Eliseo and the Teatro Piccolo Eliseo there are EX-STORES ROVATTI 1901 with cast iron and reinforced concrete structures

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