Monday, January 27, 2020


Via della Mercede 50

It opened in 1882 in the ground floor of an existing building at the behest of the architect Andrea Busiri Vici (1818/1911) who commissioned the decoration of the interior to Alessandro Bazzani

Expansion in 1890 by Giulio Podesti (1857/1909). At the time there were 650 seats

It was used for operettas, plays or concerts
The use as a theater for drama or music and as a theater for movies has alternated over the years: in 1913 it was transformed into a cinema by Attilio Spaccarelli (1890/1975)

In 1928 it became a theater for drama again and took the name of SALA UMBERTO in honor of King Umberto I (king of Italy 1878/1900)

From 1930 onwards it was again used as cinema until 1981 when the representations of drama came back again after the restoration
In 1991 it became a cinema again and, since 2002, it has been a theater for auteur comedy with a capacity of 485 seats

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