Sunday, May 10, 2020


Via Nicola Salvi

80 AD for Titus (79/81) who probably did reuse the existing Baths of the Domus Aurea built for Nero (54/68)

The only ruins remaining are the brick pillars north of the Colosseum
The main floor was about 17 m (56 feet) higher than that of the Colosseum, but the baths were divided on multiple levels over the slope of the hill

The architects of Nero did here, as in the Baths of Nero in the Campus Martius, a symmetrical duplication of rooms arranged around a central axis, with the core consists of a hall built as a basilica, a plan which will be increasingly applied in the baths to be built afterwards
We know the plan of the baths thanks to a drawing by the great architect Andrea Palladio (1508/80)

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