Sunday, May 24, 2020


Piazzale Clodio

1958/69 N. Monteduro, G. Perugini, F. Bruno, V. De Feo, U. De Plaisant, E. Giangreco, F. Girardi, M. Nicoletti and P. Reggiani

This team of architects was inspired by the works of the Swiss Le Corbusier

“The location turned out to be very unfortunate from the urban point of view because it inserted a tertiary function of great importance in a sector of the city traditionally intended for residence and therefore without adequate support structures. At the same time it was an obvious contradiction to the proposed development of new Urban Plan that was concentrating directional activities in the opposite quadrant of the city. It also contributed to further increase the weight of the urban road Via Olimpica (...) favoring consequently a distorted development of all the north-western sector of the city of Rome” (Piero Ostilio Rossi)

In the years 1988/90 at the beginning of Via Antonio Varisco was built, in derogation of the Urban Plan, the NEW HEADQUARTERS OF THE COURT OF APPEAL on five floors with six halls for trials, offices and headquarters of the presidency of the Court

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