Sunday, May 10, 2020


Via delle Terme di Traiano

104/109 Apollodorus of Damascus for Trajan (98/117) after the fire that destroyed the Domus Aurea in the year 104

Whole area 330 x 315 m (1,090 x 1,030 feet)
Central part 212 x 190 m (700 x 620 feet)

First complete example of “great baths” in Rome with exedra and better layout in relation to the sun and to the prevailing winds like the bathing complexes of Ostia, Caracalla, Diocletian and Decius

The Baths of Titus and the Baths of Nero were oriented north south, affected perhaps by the adjacent buildings
The tank of the baths was the large room known as SETTE SALE (Seven Rooms), actually nine corridors (the last two were discovered in 1760, but the original name lingered) of same width but of different length, oriented north south as the Domus Aurea

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