Monday, May 18, 2020


Largo Magnanapoli

It was built at the beginning of the thirteenth century by Marchionne Aretino for Innocent III of the Conti from Segni (1198/1216)

It was originally in the area of the oratory of ORATORIO DEI Ss. CIRO E GIOVANNI (Sts. Cyrus and John) later known as S. ABBACIRO erected before the year 680

It was bought by Boniface VIII Caetani (1294/1303) who fortified it against the Colonna family
It was ruined by the earthquake of 1348 which caused the slope and the loss of the upper floor
In the sixteenth century it belonged again to the Conti family

From 1619 it belonged to the nuns of S. Caterina a Magnanapoli
Restoration in 1914 by Antonio Muñoz (1884/1960)
It was freed from the surrounding buildings only in 1924

It is 51.10 meters (167.6 feet) high and it is one of the most important civic buildings in medieval Rome

Since 1927 it is part of the complex of the Markets of Trajan

The origin of its name is a mystery
It maybe corresponds to the AUGURACULUM, the area for taking the auspices in relation to meetings that were held in the underlying Saepta Iulia

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