Wednesday, June 17, 2020


Via Parenzo 5/13

 1930/31 Pietro Aschieri (1889/1952) 
It was originally built to be the House of work for the war blind

1990/95 restored by the Studio Passarelli

Faculty of Law, one of the six locations of LUISS University in Rome, including the historic building on Via Pola 12 and the new headquarters on Viale Romania 32
Prestigious private university with faculties of economics, law and political science, admitting 1,295 students a year

“The geometric and compositional repertoire comes to terms with the tradition of the Roman Baroque style, which Aschieri rereads according to the international scene of the Modern Movement. The intervention of the Studio Passarelli recovers the clarity of the original plan through the demolition of the additions and adapt the structure to the functional new demands” (Giorgio Muratore)

“It is the most complex work built by Aschieri in those years. (...) The area chosen, vaguely rectangular in shape but limited to the south by a bend in the road, had a steep slope. It was these morphological features to suggest a site plan rich in visual perspectives, differentiated because defined by the succession of two distinct elements and set at different heights from the road” (Piero Ostilio Rossi)

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