Saturday, June 27, 2020


Via Tiburtina

Extremely ancient road probably drawn on protohistorical routeslinked to transhumance

It was used by the pilgrims who visited the shrines of Tibur, Tivoli today
Later it became the road used by the Roman nobility to sojourn in summer villas in the surrounding countryside

The beginning of the road was Porta Esquilina (The Arch of Gallienus) of the Servian Wall and it used to pass the Aurelian Walls through the Porta Tiburtina (St. Lawrence Gate)

It was extended in 307 BC up to Corfinium (current Corifinio near L'Aquila) in the territories of the Equi and Marsi peoples, at the behest of the consul Marcus Valerius Maximus with the name of VIA TIBURTINA VALERIA, to facilitate political control of Rome in those provincial areas

In less than 200 km across the Apennines it used to connect Rome with the Adriatic Sea, reaching up to Ostia Aterni, today's Pescara
It still connects today Rome with Pescara with the name STRADA STATALE 5 VIA TIBURTINA

From the Tiburtina Valeria road came off two important roads:

VIA EMPOLITANA from Tivoli to Ciciliano (Empolum), Bellegra and Olevano

VIA SUBLACENSE commissioned by Nerone (54/68) for access to his villa in Subiaco

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