Monday, June 1, 2020


Via Taranto 19

1935 Giuseppe Samonà (1898/1983)

The project with which Samonà won the competition in 1933 was modified especially in the back of the building that was compacted, but also in the main façade on Via Taranto

“Giuseppe Samonà was faced with a block to build on quite restricted and irregular, between Via La Spezia, Via Taranto and Via Pozzuoli, and resolved the issue with formal characteristics that respected the original shape of the block itself. In fact, with the façades on Via La Spezia, Via Taranto and Via Pozzuoli the relationship with the surroundings is resolved, breaking only on the corner that opens onto Via Taranto and designing an internal road with a courtyard typical of the old fashioned palaces” (Ghisi Grütter)

“Samonà developed the project with a method of typical functionalist flavor tending to highlight, even in a very compact building, the different internal uses of the building. So the space for the public is characterized by large glass surfaces, the area of the offices by small serial windows, while the body of the stairway is projected out by a frame predominantly vertical” (Piero Ostilio Rossi)

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