Sunday, December 24, 2017


46 BC for Lucius Cestius, maybe the brother of the Caius Cestius of the Pyramid
It also had other names:
Pons Aurelius (here was the first section of the Via Aurelia, which was heading towards the Janiculum Hill), Pons Gratiani (for the Emperor Gratian who had it rebuilt), Ponte di S. Bartolomeo (St. Bartholomew Bridge) o Ponte Ferrato (Iron Bridge)
It was rebuilt in the year 370 by the Emperor Gratian (367/383) with materials taken from the nearby Theater of Marcellus
The small lateral arches were destroyed in 1888 for the construction of the embankments of the Tiber River and the bridge was rebuilt again in 1892 with some original materials. On this occasion, its length was almost doubled and the original central arch was kept
Now it is 80.40 m long (264 feet) whereas before the reconstruction it measured only 48.5 m (159 feet)

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