Saturday, December 30, 2017


Built in the Republican period so that the VIA TIBURTINA could pass the ANIENE RIVER
It was made in opus quadratum of travertine marble and tuff stone with two large arches, of which remains only part of the eastern span and the base of the pillar of the central one
Its original structure probably consisted of three arches with the central one larger
It was known as Mammolo since 1338 perhaps for having been attributed to Giulia Mammea, the mother of Septimius Severus (193/211), or more likely for a language contraction from marmoreus being the original in travertine
It was destroyed by the French in 1849
The NEW MAMMOLO BRIDGE further north was rebuilt in the years 1853/57 for Pius IX Mastai-Ferretti (1846/78) and restored in 1871

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