Tuesday, December 26, 2017


1862/63 Louis Hach to get to the new Termini train station the railway line from Civitavecchia, which until then had its station by the port of Ripa Grande
The central span was originally movable to allow navigability and, at the time of construction, it was the Europe's longest drawbridge in one piece
It is popularly known as PONTE DI FERRO (Iron Bridge)
It has a length of 131.20 m (430 feet)
It was inaugurated in the presence of Pope Pius IX Mastai-Ferretti (1846/78)
Renovation in 1911 when it was replaced for the railroad by the nearby PONTE S. PAOLO (St. Paul's Bridge) built in the years 1907/10 by the Allegri firm
The current bays date back to 1923

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