Thursday, December 28, 2017


1938/43 Armando Brasini (1879/1965) with the engineer expert in reinforced concrete Aristide Giannelli (1888/1970)
Finished 1947/51 after the break for the war
Restored 1952/64 for a structural problem
Formerly known as PONTE 28 OTTOBRE (October 28 Bridge), the day of the fascist march on Rome, and then, after the war, as PONTE DELLA LIBERTÀ (Liberty Bridge)
According to the original plan there should have been a huge triumphal arch at the north entrance that Mussolini himself did not want to be made
On the big stones along the bridge are carved the main milestones of the Cassia Flaminia roads
“Brasini is one of the great intruders in the architecture of the twentieth century: his projects and works, which have also undoubted architectural qualities, except for rare moments of random tune with the spirit of the times are, in general, one of the cases of expulsion and removal of this spirit. The ones who met the 'cursed' architect describe him as a man of infinite charisma, charming and powerful, hanging always on the edge of the doubt, leaning against skepticism of which intelligence cannot do without. Brasini was an anachronistic who lived in his time always in opposition, who has been successful based on the possible misunderstanding of an adaptation with the Conservatives in power when in fact he was not conservative because his work has a very different trademark than the late eclectic one which dominated the beginning of the century” (Federico Roccabianca -

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