Thursday, November 12, 2015



1934/36 Mario Ridolfi (1904/84) and Wolfgang Frankl for the engineer Tullio Rea

Mario Ridolfi was in 1933 in Germany and Switzerland, where he was able to appreciate the German Rationalism applied to residential building

“It reflects the direct knowledge of German residential architecture and of the experiments of Central European rationalism” (Giorgio Muratore)

“The fa├žade is characterized by a 'thickness' (a theme already tried in previous projects), of which the projections, the side cladding, the windows and the shelter of the attic determine the articulated depth” (Piero Ostilio Rossi)

“The plan of the building at Villa Massimo has a 'rational' layout but in a practical way, deeply tied to the context. The formal character of the building, the site-specific character, are always important for Ridolfi” (Website of DAUR of the University of Padua)

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