Friday, November 6, 2015



1935/38 Mario De Renzi (1897/1967), Giorgio Calza Bini (1908/99), Maurizio Sacripanti (1916/96) and Pietro Sforza who supervised the sophisticated interiors unfortunately destroyed by the recent renovation which altered the exterior as well of such an elegant building

It is considered a masterpiece of the Rationalism of the Roman school

It was built for residential use but is now home to the offices of Equitalia, the government agency whose job is to collect taxes

“The main front projecting toward the Tiber is dug deep into a series of superimposed loggias, developed without interruption along the entire length of the fa├žade, to echo the horizontality of the watercourse. In the other sides continuity of wall surface prevails, evenly punctured by holes that are repeated with a single module. Lately the intended use has been changed from homes to offices, and an improvident action of restructuring has severely mortified the figurative coherence of the system by eliminating the sliding shutters, which protected the interior from the midday light and made the front vibrate, and adding an external fire escape at the rear” (Giorgio Muratore)

“The formal result overall is of great interest because it corresponds to a very concise idea: the compact volume of the building looks almost dug by large continuous openings that determine, in the alternation with the full parapets, a rhythm of horizontal elements featuring well-balanced proportions” (Piero Ostilio Rossi)

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