Sunday, November 15, 2015



Via G.B. De Rossi 12 - Nomentano

1950/54 Mario Ridolfi (1904/84) and Wolfgang Frankl (1907/94)
It is characterized by glass surfaces articulated with alternating projections and recesses of great visual impact
“The building reflects the architect's personal evolution going from a more strictly rationalist position to a language that has a higher plastic intensity and greater wealth of decorative accents” (Giorgio Muratore)
“First accomplished result of the work of revising the rationalist vocabulary that Ridolfi was developing in the early postwar years. It was a work based on the belief that it was important to make the language of modern architecture more akin to the common way of people and therefore it was necessary to make it richer and less abstract (...). Peculiar is the introduction of a coverage 'in the hood' with coated glass mosaic that binds together the two volumes of the building. It was this solution, as well as the shape of the balconies, the design of the fixtures and railings, in later years to become a linguistic element widely present in contemporary production. Ridolfi's works were in fact often used as a catalog of forms to choose from, rather than a methodological reference” (Piero Ostilio Rossi)

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