Monday, January 22, 2018


1972/82 Mario Fiorentino (1918/82) who coordinated a group of twenty-three designers including Federico Gorio, Piero Maria Lugli, Giulio Sterbini, Michele Valori
It consists of two buildings of nine floors that run closely parallel for 980 m (3,215 feet), plus a third separate building
It is known by the nickname SERPENTONE (the big snake)
Originally built for 6,000 residents in 1,200 apartments, but many others have been added on the fourth floor that was occupied by squatters in rooms originally intended for businesses
The total population is therefore currently of about 8,000 people
“Corviale was inspired by the great bravado phalansteries of the twentieth century such as the Karl Marx Hof in Vienna or the Unité d'abitation of Nantes and Marseille, indelible mark of Le Corbusier. An explicit reference was made to the Italians Daneri, Vaccaro and Aymonino (Genoa, Bologna, Gallaratese). The cultural reference was rationalism and with this social promotion, empowerment of citizens, ultimately, European modernity. (...) 'Sure, some architectural mistake has been made - admits Sandra Montenero, a university professor and director of the Municipal Public Works for many years - but they are marginal. The disaster is the inadequacy of those who thought to be able to create a very advanced project, almost a Roman Utopia, and have not being able to deal with it'“ (Giuseppe Pullara - Corriere della Sera on July 1, 2012)

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