Tuesday, January 2, 2018


1974 Silvano Zorzi (1921/94) who executed a 1965 project by Luigi Moretti (1907/73)
It was opened only in 1980 when the Line A of the Rome Metro was completed
It is 121,60 m (399 feet) long
It is also known as PONTE DELLA METROPOLITANA (Metro Bridge)
“In the sixties Silvano Zorzi is among the first in Italy to deal with the design of bridges and viaducts in the system of the overhang structures (horizontal beams firmly connected to one end only). In industrial manufacturing, in marine and ground installations he researches typological solutions through the design of industrially produced building components. His whole production moves from the knowledge that the engineering artifacts are permanent architectures of the landscape and then he looks for the structural lightness, constructive and figurative” (G.L. CiagĂ  - Gli archivi di architettura in Lombardia. Censimento delle fonti)

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