Monday, January 22, 2018


1960/66 Luigi Moretti (1907/73) coordinated the project for the Istituto Nazionale per le Case degli Impiegati dello Stato (INICIS) (National Institute for the Houses of State Employees) 
It was built to meet the growing demand for housing on the part of civil servants who gravitated around the EUR district, still expanding at the time
Buildings by Vittorio Cafiero (1901/81), Ignazio Guidi (1904/78), Adalberto Libera (1903/63) and Luigi Moretti
Other architects who worked on the project: Agrelli, Di Tullio, La Valle, Quadarella, Reggiani, Rinaldi, Rulli, Sebasti, Valle e Veroi
808 apartments for a population of about 7,500 people
Reorganization of the central square in 1999 by Aldo Aymonino (1953)
“So it was partly put together again the team a few years before had given a good performance in the realization of the Olympic Village; and the new district evokes some of the main characters of the Olympic Village: the prevalence of row houses with 4-5 floors on stilts, greenery as connective tissue, unification of coating materials (brick facing) and architectural solutions. Only the plan of the buildings is driven by a separate will, to determine complex visual perspectives, enveloping spaces and constantly changing. Hence the use of sinuous lines and open polygonal schemes, typical of those years in the formal research of Luigi Moretti” (Saverio-

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