Tuesday, February 4, 2014


1924 József Vágó (1877/1947) Hungarian architect
"The façade is, therefore, the result of the refined combination of classic themes, research and testing of a new architectural rationality where the Central European stylistic components are averaged or, if necessary, clearly spelled out through styles inspired by the Roman classicism. (...) The refined architecture of the building, the meaning and value of its presence in that precise context of the city effectively frame the personality of the designer who tried, with initial enthusiasm and architectonical conviction, to impose himself in the Italian, or rather, Roman, scene, which, instead, rejected him for his 'extravagant' style" (Maria Grazia Turco)
The name of the hotel now is InterContinental De La Ville
It was built on the area of the demolished building that used to belong to the Venetian painter Antonio Zucchi and his wife Angelica Kauffmann also painter, meeting point for artists at the end of the eighteenth century
Staircase in Carrara marble and furniture were taken in part from the Palazzo Doria Pamphili

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