Sunday, February 16, 2014


1975/78 Lucio Passarelli (1922) with his brothers Vincenzo (1904/85) and Fausto (1910/98) and with Michele Valori
"The basic idea has been to redeem the cross-shaped morphology, which was required by the client, through the differentiation of the length of the arms and the number of floors, emphasizing effective visual reduction in the number of floors, through the thin strips of ribbon windows, alternating between the exterior ones mirror-like, and the backward ones dark and light-absorbent. The external work, divided between the swimming pool, main hall, roads and steps around a circular base, integrate the location of the complex in the large perimeter road. The hotel thus becomes, in its rotation and eccentricity, an updated introduction to the EUR district more than forty years after its creation" (Website Studio Passarelli)

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