Monday, February 17, 2014


1894 Giulio Podesti (1857/1909)
Until 2000 it was called the Grand Hotel
There are 138 rooms and 23 suites
Built on the area of the Temple of gentis Flaviae, temple of the Flavian family celebrating the emperors Vespasian (69/79), Titus (79/81) and Domitian (81/96)
In the courtyard there is a vine that matures enough grapes for about 100 bottles of Adornetto wine exclusively for hotel guests
Among the distinguished guests: Émile Zola, Leo Tolstoy, Benito Mussolini in 1922, Ferruccio Parri with the Italian Committee of Liberation and Marshal Badoglio
In the front garden there is COLUMN OF TWINNING with bronze caravel erect in 1961 to symbolize the partnership and friendship between Rome and Paris

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