Sunday, February 9, 2014


1818 Giuseppe Valadier (1762/1839) for the Torlonia family that settled an inn called "delle Russie" (Russia's)
Converted into a hotel 1872 by Raffaele Canevari (1828/1900) as "Hotel of Russia and of the British Isles", which was changed in 1892 in "Hotel de Russie"
It became the elite meeting place in Rome at the time of King Humbert I (1878/1900) and Gabriele D'Annunzio
After the Second World War it was occupied by homeless people
Restored in 1954 by the Vaselli family who had bought it
The hotel closed in 1969 and housed the headquarters of the Directorate General of RAI (the public national television company)
In 1999 it was again opened as a hotel for the company Albergo di Russia and Sir Rocco Forte & Family SPA

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