Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Great tabernacle designed in about 1523 by Antonio Cordini aka Antonio da Sangallo th Younger (1483/1546) for the Cardinals Alberto Serra and Francesco Armellini whose coats of arms have been inserted at the top
Traces of paintings "Christ crowning the Madonna" and "Sts. Sebastian and Antonio" by Pietro Bonaccorsi aka Perin del Vaga (1501/47)
It is the most important of all the shrines of Rome, being located on the road that pilgrims followed in the direction of the tomb of St. Peter, thus constituting the last occasion for prayer before the conclusion of the pilgrimage. The importance of the aedicula is also related of course to the great artists who have made it
Via dei Coronari is currently a beautiful street full of antique shops but it owes its name to the fact that originally there were shops selling corone (wreaths), namely rosaries for pilgrims who used to walk this road in great numbers. They were practically the equivalent of current souvenir shops

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