Thursday, October 22, 2020



Via Giovanni Nicotera 3

Built in the years 1913/19 and modified in 1932 always by Marcello Piacentini (1881/1960)

Marcello Piacentini had visited before the First World War many countries of Central Europe and he had come in contact with the architecture of the Secession in Vienna

"Obvious references to Secessionist architecture (...). The inclusion of the building in a corner lot suggested to the architect both the floor plan basically of trapezoidal shape, and the particular stereometrics articulation, characterized by the contrast between the convexity of the lower part of the building and the concavity of the upper part" (Giorgio Muratore)

"As well as in the overall volume of the building, the reference to the Viennese 'way' is transparent in the details: the simple and few moldings, the sobriety of the decoration, the finishing plaster, the design of the railing of the enclosure wall. Interestingly, some of the solutions adopted by Piacentini in the projects of this period (the type of finish of the exterior walls, the 'bow-windows', the variations of grain and plaster around windows to determine a vertical sense) will become part of a 'manner' visible in many buildings built in Rome in those same years" (Piero Ostilio Rossi)

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