Thursday, October 29, 2020


Via dei Monti Parioli 15

1947/48 Luigi Piccinato (1899/1984), Silvio Radiconcini and Bruno Zevi (1918/2000)

Bruno Zevi wrote a History of Modern Architecture published in 1950. His intention was to review functionalism in the light of the changing needs of society after World War II

In this three-storey small villa with three apartments there is the refusal of the traditional plan and distributions of internal rooms, identical on the three floors

"In this building, albeit with the help of Luigi Piccinato, who was certainly more mature professionally, the ideas developed in the writings of Bruno Zevi had a first, perhaps still embryonic, application. (...) Especially the façade open towards the Tiber Valley and characterized by large panoramic balconies, reflected the desire to break the mechanism of mass production through an articulation of volumes. Inside, the idea of ​​linking the most possible of the various rooms in a continuous space by breaking the 'masonry box' is made possible by the use of sliding panels and transparent dividers. It was a design that Piccinato had already adopted in the Small Villa on Via Archimede 148" (Piero Ostilio Rossi)

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