Thursday, October 29, 2020



Via Urbana/Piazza del Viminale

The smallest of the seven hills of Rome: 25 hectares (62 acres)

In the republican period it was primarily a residential district, with rich houses along the Vicus Patricius, the current Via Urbana

Near the church S. Lorenzo in Panisperna there was a thermal building known as LAVACRUM AGRIPPINAE

By the Porta Viminalis, the Viminal Gate, (beginning of Via Marsala) there were the BARRACKS OF THE THIRD COHORT OF THE FIRE BRIGADE

The only known sanctuary on the hill was the TEMPLE OF NAENIA

Under the church S. Pudenziana there are other remains maybe of ancient baths and of the complex of the AREA CANDIDI, later incorporated in the PALATIUM DECII

In addition, outside the Servian Walls, there were the CASTRA PRAETORIA

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