Saturday, September 21, 2013


About AD 145/155 for Manius Publicius Hilarus merchant of pearls to whom it was dedicated by the College of Dendrofori of which Hilarus himself was a member, as part of their home
Restorations were carried out in the first half of the third century
Dendrofori means "Bearers of the tree", the pine sanctified in which Attis was identified. It was part of the cult of Cybele and was carried in procession here every year on March 22 from the Temple of Magna Mater on the Palatine
Nearby GAUDENTIUS HOUSE, Senator who lived at the beginning of the fifth century. The house however was built in the second half of the third century
The remains are in the area of the OSPEDALE MILITARE DEL CELIO (Celium Hill Military Hospital) built in 1885/91 by Luigi Durand de la Penne (1838/1921) and Salvatore Bianchi (1821/84)
In 2002 the archaeological site was arranged nicely

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