Saturday, September 21, 2013


1971 Pier Luigi Nervi (1891/1979)
It was named after Paul VI Montini (1963/78). It is also known as AULA NERVI
Capacity up to 12,000 people, even if usually there are no more than 6,300 seats
It is normally used by the popes for the audiences on Wednesday if the weather is not suitable to have the audience in St. Peter's Square. It is also occasionally used for concerts
In 2008, a spectacular new photovoltaic system went into operation. It occupies the entire surface of the roof and was designed by a German company at a cost of one million and half dollars
Large bronze group behind the altar "Resurrection" 1977 by Pericle Fazzini (1913/87)
"It's easy to find summarized in the Resurrection the great passons of Fazzini, 'the physical sense of the skin over the ribs' which in 1930 made him approach Baroque art and Rodin, the mystical feeling of nature that led him to invent the forms of trees and clouds open as a fan around Christ, and finally the "job" that allowed him again to adopt new and advanced technical solutions" (Valerio Rivosecchi - Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani Treccani)
Huge windows of 180 m² (1,937 square feet) by the Hungarian naturalized Italian János "Giovanni" Hajnal (1913/2010)

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