Tuesday, September 17, 2013


1931/33 Petre Antonescu (1873/1965)
Home of the Academy of Romania, founded in 1922
It plays a mediating role between Romanian universities and other academic and scientific institutions in Rome and in Italy, organizing conferences, seminars and meetings with scholars. Library with about 33,200 books
In the garden "Colossal bronze head of Decebalus" the king of Dacia defeated by Trajan in 106 AD
He is a true Romanian national hero, so much so that on the banks of the Danube, near the town of Orşova, the largest sculpture made in the rock of a mountain in Europe with the face of Decebalus was completed in 2004: it is 40 m (131 feet) high and it took ten years to sculpt it with a cost of over a million dollars

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