Monday, October 21, 2013


1503 for Johannes Burckardt, the papal master of ceremonies of five popes from Sixtus IV to Julius II, from 1478 to 1503
It incorporates a preexisting tower called TORRE ARGENTINA by Johannes Burckardt with its name painted on it, in honor of his hometown Strasbourg, Argentoratum in Latin
The tower was lowered and the height of the rest of the building raised one floor, making the tower itself disappear
It gave the name to the nearby Largo di Torre Argentina which does not take the name, as many mistakenly think, from the Papitto Tower on the Largo itself
It is the home since 1932 of the LIBRARY with about 40.000 volumes and the THEATRICAL MUSEUM OF BURCKARDT belonging to the SIAE (the Italian Association of authors and editors) with about 100 paintings, busts and statuettes of actors from the nineteenth and twentieth century, costumes, prints and drawings regarding theatre productions

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