Sunday, October 20, 2013


1652/55 Antonio Del Grande (about 1625/71) for Innocent X Pamphili (1644/55)
The prison was named "new" to distinguish it from the "old" prisons at Tor di Nona, Savella Court and Borgo
It was used as a prison until 1883 when the prison of Regina Coeli took over. It was then only used for temporary custody and, until 1931, as a prison for minors
Today is home to DIA Anti-Mafia the specially trained investigation department against organized crime
This new prison had a more human and even deliberately reformatory setting with large and healthy rooms and separation between prisoners who were repeat offenders, and less guilty ones. It was a decisive step towards the personal separation carried out in the Institute St. Michael in 1703
It used to house in dignity up to 600 inmates between men and women: enough for a city like Rome with a total population of about 120.000 inhabitants in 1650

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