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In the sixteenth century it was called Casino Del Monte as part of the complex of Villa Giulia for Pope Julius III Ciocchi Del Monte (1550/55)

Restored in 1810 by Giuseppe Valadier (1762/1839) for Stanislaus Poniatowski, nephew of the King of Poland, who had bought it in 1807 and sold it in 1822 to his friend Luigi Vagnuzzi

Renovated again in the years 1825/44 by Luigi Canina (1795/1856) for Luigi Vagnuzzi

In 1870 he became an industrial tannery

Since 1939 the mansion and the adjoining park are owned by the Municipality of Rome and it is the seat of the Accademia Filarmonica Romana (Roman Philharmonic Academy) which organizes shows and concerts in the garden

In the porch on the left there are frescoes attributed to Baldassarre Peruzzi (1481/1536)

"The residence of Pope Julius III on the slopes of the Parioli Hills was justly celebrated for the variety of buildings, for the breadth and richness of the park, for the collection of ancient sculptures. Dismembered immediately upon the death of his patron and divided among several owners, soon lost its identity. (...) Villa Giulia stretched all the way to the Tiber River, as documented by some maps of the sixteenth century (...), and the current Casina Vagnuzzi was the first building that the pontiff would have faced when, from the Vatican, 'used to go back to his winery'" (Alberta Campitelli – Verdi Delizie; le ville, i giardini, i parchi storici del Comune di Roma)


On the ground floor ceiling with grotesque and in the center "Meeting of King Solomon with the Queen of Sheba" maybe 1550/55 by an anonymous sixteenth century artist in Raphael style

On the first floor frescoes of the first half of the nineteenth century by Angelo Zecchini

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