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1816/37 Giuseppe Valadier (1762/1839)

He reworked in Neoclassical style the former seventeenth century Casino della Rota (Mansion of the Wheel), which used to belong to the Augustinian Friars of S. Maria del Popolo and it had been built in turn on the ancient CISTERNS OF THE ACILII GARDENS of which are clearly visible in the basement 61 sqm (657 square feet) of Roman ancient walls built with the opus reticulatum technique

"The extant documentation (...) confirms the choice of the Roman architect to regularize the remaining part of the building, providing it with open-air elements such as the two side porticos on the north and south, and a semicircular porch on the rear façade facing east. The final result is that of an updated architecture in the style of a French ‘Maison’ of the late eighteenth century - early nineteenth century, therefore Neoclassical" (Alessandro Cremona – Verdi Delizie: Le ville, i giardini, i parchi storici del Comune di Roma)

Painted decorations in Pompeian style by Tommaso Parravani

Renovated for use as café-restaurant by Gioacchino Ersoch (1815/1902), who also oversaw the rearrangement of the PINCIO GARDEN

1922 restoration of the decorations and new paintings by Raffaele Ojetti (1845/1924)

After the liberation of Rome on June 4, 1943 it became a center of command of the Allied Forces
New restoration in 1964 with decorations by Mario de Paolis

It is one of the historical restaurants of Rome and it reopened in 2004 as a restaurant after a long period of decline

The large EMPIRE ROOM on the first floor was repainted and decorated by Federico Forquet in imitation of the Neoclassical style

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