Friday, October 18, 2013


Complex built in 1725 by Antonio Canevari (1681/1759) with a donation of King John V of Portugal for the ACCADEMIA DELL'ARCADIA (Academy of Arcadia)
Restored 1760 by Clemente Orlandi (1694/1775) a pupil of Luigi Vanvitelli
The Academy of Arcadia had been founded in 1690 with the singular aim of "killing the bad taste and clean up the Italian poetry of barbarism". It exerted great influence in the first half of the eighteenth century with the work of Pietro Metastasio
In 1926 it was transformed into ACCADEMIA LETTERARIA ITALIANA (Italian Literary Academy)
It is also known as TEATRO DEGLI ARCADI (Theater of the Arcadians)
The NEOCLASSICAL BUILDING made in 1850 by Francesco Azzurri (1831/1901) is the background of a small amphitheater used for meetings

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