Saturday, October 26, 2013


1558/62 Pirro Ligorio (about 1513/83) with the help of Giovanni Sallustio Peruzzi (?/1573) son of Baldassarre Peruzzi for Paolo IV Carafa (1555/59) and Pio IV Medici (1559/65)
"Called 'Little House of the Grove', because of its location and scenic retreat in the gardens, later took the name of Villa Pia or Little House of Pius IV. Source for the architecture of the house, it was pointed out by Friedlaender, is Raphael and in particular the lost Palazzo Dell'Aquila, whose richly decorated façade is certainly an important precedent for Ligorio's building. Chronologically closer are the façade and the courtyard of Palazzo Spada, whose stucco decoration was made by Giulio Mazzoni, one of the artists involved in the evaluation of the House which was completed in autumn 1562. Moreover the loggia reminds of Palazzo Massimo alle Colonne by Baldassarre Peruzzi" (Dizionario Enciclopedico degli Italiani Treccani)
Frescoes by Federico Fiori aka Barocci (1535/1612), Santi di Tito (1536/1603) and Federico Zuccari (about 1542/1609)
In the garden FOUNTAIN OF THE BIG EAGLE and in the valley near the Palace of the Mint FOUNTAIN OF THE SACRAMENT both by Jan Van Santen aka Giovanni Vasanzio (1550/1621)

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