Sunday, December 22, 2013


PASTIFICIO (Pasta Factory)
1929/31 Pietro Aschieri (1889/1952)
"A specific feature of the poetry of Pietro Aschieri is, at the end of the twenties, his interest in the value of the 'mass' on which he focuses, thoroughly investigating the possible plastic effects. This is the theme present especially in the Pantanella Pasta Factory in which the 'weight' of the building shell, already evident from the type of finish is accentuated by the deep incisions of the openings, by the inclination of the entrance portal and by the insertion of very light glass surfaces. To this overall effect contributes also the shelter corner that seems to bring out, with its projections, the fullness of the building" (Piero Ostilio Rossi)
BISCOTTIFICIO (Biscuits factory) 1954 and OFFICES BUILDING 1960 Silvano Ricci
The structure was redeveloped in the years 1996/2003 by Bruno Moauro and occupied by apartments, shops and a Bingo Palace

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