Thursday, December 26, 2013


1587/89 Domenico Fontana (1543/1607) with the collaboration of his brother Giovanni Fontana (1540/1614), expert in hydraulics
It was the end of the Acqua Felice aqueduct, restoration by Sixtus V Peretti (1585/90) of the ancient Aqua Alexandriana, the aqueduct built by the emperor Alexander Severus (222/235) in 226 AD
Very much criticised "Statue of Moses" 1588 by Leonardo Sormani (before 1530/after 1589) and Prospero Antichi aka Prospero Bresciano (active since 1580/d. after 1592) with obvious anachronism of the act of separating the waters while holding the tablets of the law that he would have obtained only later
The statue ended up being nicknamed Mosè ridicolo, ridiculous Moses
Prospero Bresciano was so upset about the criticism that he died of a heart attack or, in another version, he committed suicide
NICHES with bas-reliefs made in 1589:
On the left "Aaron leads the Jewish to drink" by G.B. Della Porta (1542/1602)
On the right "Joshua makes the Jews cross the dry Jordan River" by Flaminio Vacca (1538/1605) and Pietro Paolo Olivieri (1551/99), who also did the "Frieze with coat of arms of Sixtus V between two angels"

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