Tuesday, December 3, 2013


1654 from a project designed by Francesco Borromini (1599/67), partly modified later, for the Pamphilj family and particularly for Olimpia Maidalchini sister in law of Innocent X Pamphilj (1644/55)
Olimpia Maidalchini was married to Pamphilio Pamphilj the pope's brother and her long relationship with Pope Innocent X, of whom she was the most trusted adviser, was perhaps something more than a mere professional relationship
It was built over the demolished Palazzo Rivaldi
It was an institution to educate the male youth who were to become priests born in the Pamphilj's dominions
In the first floor LIBRARY HALL with frescos in the vault "Divine knowledge" apotheosis of the Pamphilj family 1667/73 masterpiece of Francesco Cozza (1605/82) pupil of Domenichino
LITTLE ROOM OF THE LIBRARY with frescos in the vault "Three virtues": Liberty, Justice and Faith again by Francesco Cozza
"Cozza accepted right away the style change from Baroque to late Baroque begun by his friend Mattia Preti with the frescos in Valmontone: in this vault painted with colors extremely clear and bright, the individuals represented continue to be connected mainly to Domenicino. Therefore one can admire the attractive and almost incredible show of an open sky typical of the late Baroque period crowded with masses of allegorical characters painted still in a naive and classical style" (Rudolf Wittkower)

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