Sunday, December 22, 2013


Discovered in 1865/66 and excavated in the following years
Private house converted into a barracks at the end of the second century AD. Headquarters (not just a guard post) of the Seventh Brigade of the Cohort for the surveillance of Regions IX (or XI) and XIV
The brigade was established by Augustus (27 BC/14) in 6 BC with duties similar to the current firefighters and night policemen
The floor is 8 meters (26 feet) deeper than the actual level
Originally paved with mosaics in black and white disappeared when the Excubitorium was used as a bomb shelter during World War II
At the center a hexagonal basin for a fountain and, on one side, a rectangular exedra with the remains of frescoes and graffiti that identify it as the chapel dedicated to the Genius of the barracks of the Excubitorium
The other rooms around were probably the rooms of the brigade and a bathroom
Many graffiti in the atrium dating from 215/245 AD and often, bearing the words sebaciaria and milites sebaciarii, derived from the word sego the material of the torches that were used during the night reconnaissance of the brigade

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