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Imperial Fora
Successive extensions of the republican Roman Forum in the imperial period, with the same functions, although in larger spaces enriched with decorations, for the purpose of public utility and propaganda of the emperors
Foro di Cesare
Forum of Caesar
First of the Imperial Fora to be built on an area (160 x 75 m - 525 x 246 feet) previously occupied by private establishments
Julius Caesar (100/44 BC) himself bought the land from 54 BC onwards
The inauguration took place on September 26, 46 BC, but the works were actually completed later by Augustus
A restoration was carried out to the order of Trajan (98/117) in 113
Another restoration by order of Diocletian (284/305) after the fire of 283
In the centre of the square an equestrian statue of Caesar was placed. The horse had his front legs in the shape of human feet, and it was maybe originally a statue of Alexander the Great with the face changed with Caesar's features
On the end side there is the TEMPLE OF VENUS GENITRIX, voted by Caesar in 48 BC on the eve of the battle of Pharsalia and dedicated to the goddess, mother of Aeneas and ancestress of the Julian lineage. Inside at the far end there was the statue of Venus sculpted by Arcesilaus
Today the visible part after the excavation of about 1930, amounts to slightly more than half of the original area
Large semicircular area (Trajan period) with traces of double floor for the isolation of the rooms below, intended as a public latrine
Uphill street whose name alludes to the banking activities in the area. The name was probably given to the road in the late imperial period, even if known only since the Middle Ages. The oldest name was CLIVUS LAUTUMIARUM
Some Grotta Oscura tufa blocks placed in the pavement are part of the modern Servian Wall in the area of Porta Fontinalis
On the far side of the porch there were a series of tabernae at the foot of the Capitol
At the end of the porch, during the period of Trajan, the Basilica Argentaria was built: formed by a double row of pillars, turned at right angles to a short stretch with a vaulted ceiling

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