Thursday, January 9, 2014


Imperial Fora
Successive extensions of the republican Roman Forum in the imperial period, with the same functions, although in larger spaces enriched with decorations, for the purpose of public utility and propaganda of the emperors
Museo dei Fori Imperiali
Museum of the Imperial Fora
In 2007 this interesting museum of Roman architecture was opened in the ancient halls of Trajan's Market. The exhibit emphasizes the ancient volumes and functionality of the buildings of the Imperial Fora
"Head portrait, reworked as Constantine" in Carrara marble beginning of fourth century AD, found in 2005
"Statue male standing headless with breastplate" about 112 A.D. in tasio marble
"Frieze figured with Cupids", "Architrave in bands with panels", "Coffered ceiling" in Carrara marble about 113 AD, from the first order of the cella's interior decoration of the Temple of Venus Genitrix in the Forum of Caesar
"Decorations of the exterior and interior of the Temple of Venus Genitrix"
"Right foot of a female statue of Victory" about 2 BC in gilded bronze, found in the Forum of Augustus
"Fragments of the Colossus of Augustus" and "Fragments of marble slabs painted" that adorned the walls of the Room of the Colossus

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