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Imperial Fora
Successive extensions of the republican Roman Forum in the imperial period, with the same functions, although in larger spaces enriched with decorations, for the purpose of public utility and propaganda of the emperors
Foro di Nerva o Transitorio
Forum of Nerva or Transitorium
Begun and almost completed by Domitian (81/96), but opened by Nerva (96/98) in 97
It measured 120 x 45 m (393 x 147 feet)
It was known as "Forum Transitorium" (Passage Forum) because it took the place of the first part of the Argiletum Road and put in communication the Republican Forum of Caesar and Augustus and the Temple of Peace
At the southern entrance of the square Domitian had probably rebuild the Arch of Janus, which replaced an earlier arch with four sides
In the short side at the north end there was the Temple of Minerva, goddess dear to Domitian, destroyed in 1606 by Paul V Borghese (1605/21) to get building material for the Fountain of the Acqua Paola
The only columns surviving are the so-called "Two Colonnacce" (ugly columns) with a relief in the attic representing "Minerva and frieze with female figures linked to the myth of Arachne"

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