Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Villa built by Lucullus soon after the triumph over Mithridates celebrated in 63 BC
It was one of the largest villas in Rome, corresponding to the current church of Trinità dei Monti and the Spanish Steps on the Pincian Hill
Under the reign of Claudius (41/54) it became property of Valerius Asiaticus and in 46 BC it became imperial property when he was forced to commit suicide by Messalina, the unfaithful wife of Claudius
The Villa continued to be owned by Emperors at least until the time of Trajan (98/117) who maybe preferred the gardens of Sallust, located on the eastern part of the Pincian Hill
In the third century it was occupied by the noble family of the Acili, who in the fourth century gave it to the Pinci, from whom the present name of the hill came. Although they gave the name of the hill, little is known of this family
It was a complex similar to the Temple of Fortuna at Palestrina. At the top there was a round building, maybe a Temple of Fortuna
In the cellars of the convent of the Sacred Heart, there are SUBSTRUCTURES and under Palazzo Zuccari there is a large wall with semicircular niches, certainly a NYMPHEUM (fountain)

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