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Altitude 470 m (1,550 feet). 1,500 inhabitants

It was built after the destruction of the town of Carsioli in 776

It was donated to the monastery of Subiaco

Since the thirteenth century it belonged to the Passamonti family, since 1536 to the Zambeccari family and since 1574 to the Massimo family

Here the ancient Fiera di S. Bartolomeo (Fair of St. Bartholomew) is held

CHURCH OF St. LAWRENCE dating back to the sixteenth century and rebuilt in the eighteenth century

CHURCH OF St. ROCH with frescoes of the sixteenth century

Castello Massimo

Massimo Castle

XI century, Castle-Monastery of the Benedictine order

Transformed in the late sixteenth century by the Massimo family

Furniture of the sixteenth century

Large room frescoed in 1573, maybe by Federico Zuccari (about 1542/1609)

Large room frescoed in 1749 by Marco Benefial (1684/1764)

Collection of weapons

PHARMACY of the sixteenth century

CHAPEL with decoration in Cosmatesque style (XII or XIII century)

GARDEN IN ITALIAN STYLE AND BEAUTIFUL PARK with an imposing "Statue of the Goddess Rome" from the Baths of Constantine, later moved to the Villa Peretti Montalto by Sixtus V Peretti (1585/90) and moved back to Àrsoli when the Termini train station was built

SS. Salvatore

Church of the Holy Saviour

Ancient foundation and reconstruction after 1574 by Giacomo Della Porta (1533/1602)


Mexican painting "Our Lady of Guadalupe" 1790


A copy of the "Holy Shroud"


"Transfiguration" maybe by Domenico Zampieri aka Domenichino (1581/1641)

On the sides paintings by an unknown artist of the XVIII or XIX century

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