Thursday, November 12, 2020


Since 1998 it is a Natural Monument of the Lazio Region owned by the City of Rome

Village of ancient origins, adjacent to the River Arrone, finally abandoned in 1809

It was the Etruscan Careiae belonging to the domains of Cere, later of Veii and eventually of Rome

Maybe it was a settlement of the Galerii people, a mysterious Latin tribe

NECROPOLIS WITH TOMBS BUILT AS ROOMS in the gorge below the village

SOME REMAINS OF THE WALLS inside the small old town

Pope Adrian I (772/795) founded here one of his great fortified farms (domuscultae) protected against the Saracens. The domusculta declined after the year 1000

In 1260 he passed to the Orsini family and they rebuilt it

Later the area became a swamp

In 1740 only 30 inhabitants were registered

In 1809 the last "hermit" left

There are remains of the medieval castle and of the bell tower of the church of St. Andrew

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