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Altitude 303 m (994 feet). 4,300 inhabitants

Maybe it is an ancient town. It is mentioned by the sources for the first time in the twelfth century

In 1651 it passed from the Barberini to the Pamphilj family

It was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War

Palazzo Doria Pamphilj

Doria Pamphilj Palace

1654/70, for Prince Camillo Pamphili after having demolished the old Castle of the Sforza family

Built at the top of the village, massive as a fortress with 365 rooms

In ELEVEN ROOMS frescoes "Four Elements and Four Continents":

"America" ​​and "Africa" ​1657 by Pier Francesco Mola (1612/66) who directed the works

"Air" 1661 by Mattia Preti (1613/99)

"It was here that for the first time the method of using the venerable baroque concepts of solid organization and clear and effective structure, as well as to emphasize the individuality and firmness of each figure, was abandoned and replaced by the system to punctuate the entire ceiling with figures seemingly placed at random, so that the eye looks in vain for a center or a place to stop. In comparison to the fresco of Preti in Valmontone, even contrasting works as the Barberini ceilings of Cortona and Sacchi have key elements in common. The work of Preti, on the other hand, shows stylistic idiosyncrasies which soon would become current not only in painting but also in sculpture during the late Baroque period" (Rudolf Wittkower)

"Fire" and "Asia" 1658/59 by Francesco Cozza (1605/82)

"Hall of the Prince" 1658/59 by Gaspard Dughet (1615/75)

"Water" and "Hall of the Prince" 1658/59 by Guillaume Courtois aka Borgognone (1628/79)

"Earth" 1657 by G.B Tassi

The palace is home to the ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM OF VALMONTONE with finds from archaeological sites nearby:

The village of coal miners of Colle Carbone

The production area and the necropolis of Colle dei Lepri

The mansion, baths and furnace of Colle Pelliccione

Collegiata dell'Assunta

Collegiate of the Assumption

1685/89 Mattia De Rossi (1637/95) with an octagonal dome. Next to the Palazzo Doria Pamphili


"S. Francis adoring the Crucifix" by Andrea Pozzo (1642/1709)


"Madonna of the Rosary" by Giacinto Brandi (1621/91)


"Assumption" by Lorenzo Gramiccia (1702/95)


"Annunciation" by Ciro Ferri (1634/89)

Santuario del Gonfalone

Sanctuary of the Banner

It was built during the Renaissance period , completely rebuilt after the war with the only portal of 1508 left of the original church

Rainbow Magicland

Amusement park opened in 2011 on an area of ​​600,000 m² (148 acres)

It is constantly expanding and could potentially cover an area of ​​1,800,000 m² (445 acres)

In 2012 it was visited by about 1,000,000 people

It consists of 31 attractions and the main theme of the park is magic

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