Thursday, November 12, 2020


Altitude 3 m (10 feet). 4.600 inhabitants

Site of the ancient Etruscan-Roman city Fregenae

After the reclamation of 1925 it hosted one of the largest Italian farms

It produces fodder, beef, milk, olive oil, wine and grappa

Since 1998 it is managed by a large private group

Castello Rospigliosi

Rospigliosi Castle

It is located at the center of the farm

It is mentioned in the sources since the twelfth century

It belonged to the Rospigliosi family, the family of Pope Clement IX Rospigliosi (1667/69) who decided to plant the pine forest of Fregene

During the renovation of the Rospigliosi family the four corner bastions of the sixteenth century were kept

Behind the castle there remains of the ancient Roman and medieval period

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